Scarlett Letter #146: Desperately seeking inspiration (for content)!

With all the (high quality!) content that we strive to produce to satisfy our AEC content marketing efforts, many of us find ourselves staring at the dreaded *blank page*. We fret about what to write, to share, or to comment on….all in an effort to create online engagement with future and existing clients.

We desperately seek inspiration!

Some writers will argue that ‘writers block’ does not truly exist. Rather, the writer can surely write, but s/he may write a lot of crap! And with the abundance of information overload—and outright ‘noise’—online, we want to make sure that what we provide in our AEC content marketing efforts makes an impact, and stands out from the crowd.

Here are my five favorite ways to tackle the dilemma of producing quality content for prospects, clients, and business colleagues.

1. Warm up by writing something else (email; project description; proposal cover letter).

2. Word salad. Set a timer for ten minutes, and write non-stop about anything.  This exercises your writer’s mind.

3. Change environment: go somewhere else to write. Maybe trade offices with someone, or head to the conference room with the best view, or plant yourself at a coffee house.

4. Write about your biggest pet peeve. I recently read this suggestion somewhere, and have since tried it several times. It’s a great trick to finding your passion within!

5. Read. The work of others can be inspiring. And if you want to avoid inadvertent ‘copying’, then consider checking out content from another industry. I especially enjoy reviewing the technology and not-for-profit industries.

Do you have any tips you’re willing to share? Feel free to shoot us a note!

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May 25, 2012