Scarlett Consulting offers a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of your business development and marketing efforts. Do your efforts truly support your business plan, and are they the wisest use of your marketing dollar? We will examine your current processes, procedures, tracking systems, output, and results. Are the right people doing the right things? We will seek to fully identify and leverage the talents of your team. Are your collateral pieces used properly by your staff and are they well-received by your audience? We will take an objective look at your portfolio of communication tools to ensure they are consistent, on-message, and compelling.

The point: Don’t settle on the status quo; it’s easy to lose sight of our progress when we become too close to our work. Examine your efforts in the context of the bigger picture – benchmarking against industry peers and competitors – to ensure that your efforts are on-target.

Deliverable: Summary memo with observations, findings, comparisons (and interview summaries when appropriate). Optional: in-depth audit with detailed recommendations and a plan for next steps.

Expect:A strengthened business development and marketing program; clarity on where your firm stands compared to industry best practices.

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