A market sector action plan serves as your detailed roadmap of marketing and business development activities to ensure accountability and reap real results. It refines and customizes your overall approach in response to market nuances. Achieve clarity on the specifics: qualifying real prospects, positioning the right composition of services, adjusting your big picture marketing message to best resonate with buyers, exploring strategic partnerships, making decisions on conferences, organizations, and other activities for your highest return on marketing investment.

The point: Generate opportunities efficiently by targeting a defined audience; one size does not fit all! If you are a company in pursuit of projects within multiple market sectors, set yourself up for success by creating a separate market sector plan for each target market.

Deliverable: Market Sector Action Plan, including: market overview, customized marketing message, strategic approach statement, and matrix (objectives, action steps, quantity, timeframe, point person); an at-a-glance comprehensive marketing calendar, charting activities for all markets throughout the year.

Expect: Effective lead generation, real accountability, wise decisions specific to each sector; ease-of-management and coordination through the comprehensive calendar articulating month-by-month activities for each sector.

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