Anne Scarlett has authored over 60 published articles. They are organized by topic in the sidebar to the right. Often, Anne expands upon these topics, presenting to audiences in intimate training sessions as well as at highly-attended conferences. In addition, her insights are frequently quoted in A/E/C industry publications. Representative articles include those below.

Personal leadership and growth in marketing

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What is your first reaction to this statement: “To maintain career satisfaction and job security, you must remain relevant?”

Do you exclaim: “Challenge accepted!” Does it create anxiety? Or does it perplex you because you’re not exactly sure what it means?

For the purposes of this article, let’s define relevance as the ability to provide practical, pertinent contributions to your sales process, clients, peers, and design solutions. Here, relevance will be about making an impact and a difference.

Your reaction to the notion of relevancy may be guided by your generation, as well as by your current position. Perhaps you are a ...

RainToday; Modern Steel Construction

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If you find yourself in a rut, don't blame it on the dismal economy.

Listen, these are tough times for all of us. If you are still employed, believe it or not, now is a time when you can shine in your professional role. You have opportunities to be a hero even if you don’t directly close new business—provided that you take charge and get creative with your ideas and execution. Many people are discouraged this year; rise above it and stand out.

Here are five ways to make it happen:

Stay visible—internally and externally. Internally, make sure your boss sees your efforts often. Don’t try to be invisible, with the hope that they won’t notice ...

Modern Steel Construction

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Lessons learned from presentation blooper

To varying degrees, A/E/C rainmakers are required to deliver presentations to audiences—whether you are an accomplished keynote speaker, an industry expert presenting at conferences, an adjunct professor, or a technical professional that participates in new business pitches. Throughout my career, I’ve delivered dozens of presentations, and have attended dozens more. When it comes to mistakes, I’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly.

I’d like to share my own recent blooper. This spring, I was commissioned to deliver a 45-minute presentation at an industry conference. We had signed our contract over six months earlier. When it came time for content ...

PSMJ's AE Rainmaker

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Reading between the lines of your job description.

So you think it’s not your job to repeatedly remind (pester?) the project manager to finish his writing contribution to the fee proposal? Is it your place to have a heart-to-heart with the shy principal that needs to brush up on his presentation skills? Are you wondering who should step up and coach your technical staff on better ways to communicate with prospective clients?

Think again. The roles of a business development/marketing professional are varied; view this as an exciting challenge, not a burden! Some roles, such as coach, are obvious and expected. But there are many other roles that were ...

AE Marketing Letter

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How to identify the hidden business developer in every person, every role.

Business developers and senior leadership often profess “everyone markets!” We say it, we know it to be true, but do our actions really match our words? Here are three steps to make the statement “everyone markets” a reality in your firm. Provide guidance and specific direction: Supervisors must work with each direct report individually to reach mutual agreement on how they can best impact the firm’s marketing efforts. While the marketing contribution of some roles is quite obvious, there are other roles where you may think it’s a stretch. Whoa, stop right there! Here are ...

The ZweigLetter and AE Marketing Letter

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Ten things every entry-level engineer should know.

So, you’re an entry-level engineer – you’ve busted your bum to earn a technical degree and now you shall conquer all! Let’s round out that degree with real-world elements for professional success.

Our Human Resources Advisory Group at ZweigWhite works with folks who are striving to build their careers. They advocate striking a balance between communication and technical skills. Your career is a constant work-in-progress; to get where you want to be, you need to capitalize upon learning opportunities while periodically evaluating your progress. Jennifer Hu, my ZweigWhite colleague, identifies four aspects where ‘training’ is built into your ...

Modern Steel Construction

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Are you a doer, manager, or leader?

First things first. Leadership can be taught. If you have any doubt, allow me to squelch it now. With the proper guidance, everyone can demonstrate some form of leadership.

Who are you? Doers; managers; leaders. It takes all three. You are all three. Over the course of our career – or even the course of one day – we shift between these roles. With an understanding of the most opportune times for each role, you can choose to adapt from one to another for the best possible results. Take a moment to reflect upon these ...

Modern Steel Construction

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Be a better business developer by honoring the human-to-human connection.

The best compliment I ever received from a prospect was this: ‘I truly enjoyed talking with you; you are so…real!’ The timing of the compliment was excellent. Unknowingly, this prospect had shared his sentiment during a networking conference, directly within earshot of my firm’s CEO. Shortly thereafter, we converted that prospect into a client-for-life!

Since then, it has been my goal to be deemed as ‘real’ within all contexts of my professional and personal life. What does ‘real’ mean, and why is it valuable to prospects, clients, and co-workers?

Let’s start with the definition of business development. In its ...


Contribute to your firm's marketing efforts by tapping into your personal strengths.

Do you dread picking up the phone to introduce your firm to total strangers? When management asks for volunteers to work the tradeshow booth, do you sink into a chair to become invisible? If the marketing director invites you to join her at a networking dinner, do you come up with creative excuses to be unavailable?

It’s true: Some people find marketing activities to be less than appealing. But in today’s ultra-competitive and sophisticated business world, they’re essential. Marketing is an effective way to spread your message with clarity to prospective clients. Marketing opens doors to otherwise nonexistent opportunities. Marketing ...

Modern Steel Construction

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