At any level, an AEC professional’s career can soar to new heights when s/he orally communicates with ease, clarity, and charisma.  Whether it’s an entire firm, a department or team, or just an individual, Scarlett Consulting’s approach to presentation skills training is scalable, relevant, consistent, and assertive. Based upon your firm’s most frequent communication challenges, we will design a program that hones in on elements that will make a positive—and effective—impression on your clients and your community.

The point: Empower your staff — technical and non-technical alike — to communicate as an ambassador of your firm with utmost clarity and confidence. Identify and leverage individuals’ communications talents, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in public speaking of all types.

Deliverable: Customized Presentation Skills Training Program with optional followup Coaching Plan. Each individual is assessed according to his/her current abilities. A gap analysis is prepared to determine the end goals, and the steps to achieve them. From both the technical (structure/content) and delivery (body language, voice) perspectives, individuals will show visible improvement in relevant AEC industry contexts: formal prepared presentations; formal team interviews; question and answer sessions; impromptu encounters; networking.

Expect: Participant(s) to have a clearer understanding of their existing communications talents, and to gain newfound ability to tap into those talents—leveraging their potential, and minimizing the challenges. Participants’ confidence will increase, and their improvements will stick!

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