When it comes to hiring technical staff, no doubt you’ve already felt the pains of today’s talent war. Equally challenging is the careful, prudent recruitment of marketing and business development professionals – key contributors to drive business growth. With direct experience holding various marketing roles, it makes good sense to entrust the recruiting of these candidates to Scarlett Consulting – an expert in the field for over 20 years. Speaking their language and having walked in their shoes – as regional director of business development, market sector specialist, and marketing coordinator – Scarlett Consulting will bring forth top-notch candidates, with a keen mindfulness towards the mutual benefits that should be realized by both the employer and employee.

The point: Long gone are the days of assembling a ‘compelling offer’ solely based upon a competitive compensation and decent benefits package. In order to convert quality candidates into long-term employees, savvy companies must strive to present a holistic opportunity for career and personal growth.

Deliverable: Customized package, potentially to include: development of hiring strategy; integration of ‘behavioral questioning’ process; presentation of quality candidates for consideration; employer interview coaching; brokering negotiations with top-pick candidate; and/or follow-on retention planning.

Expect: Thoughtful, pointedly-focused hiring strategy, along with a worry-free process which enables you to make the best use of your own time throughout the recruiting (and retention) process.

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