Too often, a firm will commit to a strategic business plan, yet neglect to carry its strategy forth through its marketing efforts. Think about it. Based upon your firm leadership’s vision, what markets should you pursue? What’s your message and how do you best communicate it? A strategic marketing plan is composed of goals that support your company vision, accompanied by measurable action items. It examines potential markets with consideration towards maturity level, opportunity, and realistic fit. It identifies the gap between where you want to go — market entry, exit, expansion — and your current position within that market. It recognizes client decision-making criteria, your firm’s differentiators, and methods for growing business with both new and existing clients.

The point: Support and strengthen your firm’s business plan by creating a strategic marketing plan to take your firm where you want it to go. Provide your team with a clear direction that will keep it highly focused on the top priority: winning and growing new business.

Deliverable: Strategic Marketing Plan, with supporting tools and exhibits.

Expect: Straightforward, easy-to-communicate plan with an eye towards imminent and long-term results; a balance of proactive business development efforts coupled with consistent, repetitive marketing activity.

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