Anne Scarlett has authored over 60 published articles. They are organized by topic in the sidebar to the right. Often, Anne expands upon these topics, presenting to audiences in intimate training sessions as well as at highly-attended conferences. In addition, her insights are frequently quoted in A/E/C industry publications. Representative articles include those below.

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If you must procrastinate, then at least make it work for you.

Where do you fall on the procrastinator spectrum, particularly when it comes to business and sales?

The old me was a “get it done” type of person. But when I recently experienced a great deal of frustration with my class of procrastinating college students, I decided to take a good look at myself. And I admit it; the current me is a procrastinator.

For some, procrastinating might mean filling your time with busy work and using that as an excuse to not do something. There are ways, however, to work with your tendencies and get the tasks accomplished. Here are some things ...

RainToday; Modern Steel Construction

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Tips and techniques for converting nervous anxiety into positive energy

Have you ever dreamt of channeling your nervous anxiety into a positive energy? You’re not alone. This is the most frequent question I am asked by A/E/C professionals. Many professionals have mastered techniques to not just help them overcome anxiety, but to actually capitalize on its benefits.

Stress is the activation of a hormonal release (adrenaline). In nature, stress is a useful physiological reaction to environmental challenges. Stress actually enhances survival rates. Predators and prey experience this hormonal push. For both, it sets the body up for necessary functions and suppresses what is not needed (digestion down / heart rate up). ...

RainToday; PSMJ's AE Marketing Journal; Modern Steel Construction

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Fuel your confidence, then let it shine!

Many of us, especially in fragile economic times, look at the process of job searching with worry, even dread. Yet, we ultimately reach a point where we are “uber”-motivated to make a career change. Various actions can drive us to reach that point: unemployment; an inevitable downfall of our current company beyond repair; inability to grow in our role; and lack of job satisfaction, to name just a few.

But when we wait until we are 110% motivated, then we have done ourselves a disservice. Now is the time to position yourself toward greater success. And in fact, with rumblings of ...

Modern Steel Construction

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Reassess the value of telephone prospecting.

According to the “Future of Professional Services Lead Generation” report issued earlier this year by the marketing consulting firm Wellesley Hills Group (Framingham, MA), 13% of respondents noted that cold calling/telephone prospecting was their most common lead generator. In fact, calling efforts were second only to referrals by clients and others.

Years have passed since I officially ‘cold’ called. And yes, while I often recommend a calling campaign as one component within my clients’ market-sector action plans, these efforts are limited to highly focused, pre-qualified audiences. Upon learning that cold calling is indeed considered to be a valid lead generation ...

AE Marketing Letter

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Strengthen your abilities to make initial calls to prospects.

Ask a technical professional about their least favorite marketing task, and you’ll find that cold-calling often tops the list. I can relate to why many of you put telephone prospecting at the bottom of your to-do list. Even with almost 20 years of warm-/cold-calling experience, I am still not a big fan.

But let’s get something straight: you cannot use your technical background as an excuse for lackluster cold-calling abilities. I myself have an interior architecture degree, and my colleague John Ross, business development director at Affiliated Engineers, Inc., is an engineer—and we make cold calls. So, now that we’ve ...

Modern Steel Construction

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Effective and fun networking techniques

What do you call a crowded room, abuzz with banter and laughter, where relationships are created and deals are done? Is this an opportunity? Or is this an intimidating – even daunting – situation to be avoided? Let’s paint a picture of this scenario. It’s the first night of an important 3-day industry conference. You approach the door of the crowded ballroom full of strangers partaking in the opening gala reception. Here are your options. One: dash back to your hotel room, order room service, do some work on your laptop, all the ...

CE News and AE Marketing Letter

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Eight steps marketing professionals can take to improve their time management skills and positively impact the department.

As an independent consultant, I create a self-imposed “structure” to organize my time. Even when I walked in your shoes, as director of business development for AEC firms, I recall that same challenge: choosing how to spend my time in order to achieve the firm’s bigger business goals. No one tracked my hours, and no one knew— or seemed to care— where I was at any given time. I either reported to the CEO or the managing director of the office/department. They trusted my judgment that time would be reflected within my results. In both scenarios— self-employed or working as ...

AE Marketing Letter

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